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Chicken Perfection

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There really is no place else that does rotisserie chicken quiet as good as Spain. Thanks to Laura’s connection we got a chance to spend a couple of days learning how to make this classic of classics. An hour north from Barcelona on the Costa Brava we spent time in this regions most famous rotisserie restaurant. They have been doing rotisserie chickens the same way here for over 50 years and on Sundays the queue  stretches into the distance.

Their method is simple. Great quality meat, skillfully seasoned and cooked on an open wood fire. We cant wait to get cracking on bringing the finest Rotisserie chicken to the people of Cork.


Ann MarieChicken Perfection
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The Hills are alive with the smell of Porchetta

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Probably one of the greatest Rotisserie classics in the world is the Italian Porchetta. Rolled loin and belly of pork, seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs is slowed turned on the rotisserie. This is a dish that works excellent as a main course and makes amazing sandwiches.  To learn how to do the real thing we spent a few days in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. You can find Porchetta at all the farmers markets where it has been slow cooking all morning. We traveled to the little village of Greve in Chianti to discover the secret of a great Porchetta.

We are looking forward to being the first restaurant in Cork to offer this specialty.


Ann MarieThe Hills are alive with the smell of Porchetta
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